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How Nottingham Chiropractors Can Help You Achieve Overall Health and Wellbeing

How Your Nottingham Chiropractor Can Help You Achieve Overall Health and Wellbeing

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Visiting a Chiropractor here in Nottingham is not only an excellent way to achieve drug free spinal manipulation and adjustment, but also a successful method for achieving overall health and wellbeing. That’s right! Nottingham Chiropractor visits are not just for managing injuries and back aches, it is also a way to receive proactive and consistent treatments to maintain spinal alignment and prevent future injuries. This is because chiropractic care focuses on the how the nervous system controls various parts of the body, and this enables your Nottingham chiropractor to treat the underlying problem that is causing your headaches, muscles aches, etc instead of simply treating the symptoms with painkillers.

Reduce Chronic Pain With Adjustments and Massage

If you are trying to achieve overall health and wellbeing, or holistic health, it is crucial that you incorporate various chiropractic methods, such as adjustments and massage. An adjustment is the traditional method of targeting a certain area of the body that is causing discomfort or pain. Generally an adjustment is to treat acute back pain or pain that is centred in the shoulders. However, this technique can also be implemented as an ongoing treatment plan to maintain a healthy posture, reduce allergy suffering and even eliminate chronic headaches.
Another technique that can be utilized to realign the muscles and spine is trigger point massage and myfascial release. These target muscles in order to relive pain and increase circulation by relaxing muscle groups. These techniques are proven to reduce pain, increase blood flow and improve range of motion.

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Increase Mobility and Flexibility With Traction

As we go through life, our spinal cord compresses due to the effects of gravity. This compression can cause pain and loss of flexibility and mobility if left untreated. Traction is a treatment option that has been proved to decrease neck and back pain, and even reduce chronic headaches and migraines.

Optimise Body Strength With Exercise

And of course, any well balanced chiropractic treatment should include exercise. Your Nottingham chiropractor can create a customised exercise plan that compliments your treatment; this combination is extremely efficient reducing stress and aches while increasing your body strength. Most often, these exercises you will be performing in your chiropractor’s office for additional guidance and monitoring.

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