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4 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Neck and Back Pain

4 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Neck and Back Pain

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It seems as though wherever you go these days, you see groups of people hovered over their smartphones. From restaurants to playgrounds to people walking down the street, focused on texting or scrolling through their social media feeds.

We often look and quickly judge, forgetting that we too spend too much time on our phones. But we would never sit at dinner with our friends doing it. Or scroll through Facebook while our children played at the park. We don’t do that!

But we do, and chiropractors see the effects of it more and more frequently. With more adults owning a smartphones in use than toothbrushes, this is a real problem. While the human head only weighs about 12 pounds, the pressure on your neck increases as you continue to look down.

If your neck is at a 60-degree angle while you check your phone, your cervical spine will feel the effects of 60 pounds of pressure. That is equivalent to having an 8-year-old hanging around your neck!

“Tech neck” can present in a variety of ways, including:
• Upper back pain
• Shoulder tightness
• Muscle spasms
• Chronic headaches

Don’t worry; I’m not going to tell you that smartphones are the problem. Instead, I’m going to give you some suggestions on how to use your cell phone without causing strain on your neck.

1. Hold up your phone –

Instead of looking down at your phone, consider raising it up to eye level. This is especially important when working on your computer for hours during the day. You should also consider the height of your television, in regards to mounting it on the wall.

2. Take electronic breaks –

I know, easier said than done, but try giving yourself some time without your phone. It may be easier to reply to emails on your phone, but by switching to your computer, you may be able to sit up straighter and have the monitor at eye level. But also consider giving your neck a break from the strain of looking down.

3. Remember to sit up straight –

Good posture can prevent a lot of back pain. It also helps

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to relieve neck pain, reduce headaches, and increase your energy levels and confidence. By thinking about your posture when using your computer and smartphone, you will be able to reduce the tension “tech neck” causes.

4. Consider extra support –

If you need additional help correcting your posture, we can talk about a posture brace. This will help train your muscles to stay in the right position. Just 30 minutes a day wearing one can drastically help your posture and your back.

Are you experiencing “tech neck?” If you have any of these symptoms, try some of the above suggestions and call my office for a consultation. An adjustment will certainly help you feel better. Give me a call today!

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